Warren and Millie Woolsey, Gainesvile, FL
Butch and Marilyn Monroe, Elmira, NY
Butch Monroe,  Tampa, FL.
Matthew Hammon,  London, England
Bruce Genderson, Washington, DC

Dave & MaryAnn Stevens, Sun Lakes, AZZ

Ryan & Lori Sinclair

Thank you for the wonderful photo and back-country tour that we took with you last week in the mountains of Colorado.  Your photographic knowledge and expertise were awesome.  In addition to the wonderful views that we had of the various mountains and landscapes, I also learned a lot about photographing outdoor scenes.

Photography has been a hobby of mine for over fifty years and I thought I knew a lot about photographic composition and effects.  That day spent with you was awesome.  I learned so much more than I expected about using depth-of-field to enhance scenery photos, shutter speed to enhance water effects and more.  The use of filters was something that I had done in the past on limited occasions.  The filters that we used that day really made each photograph unique; even when we took repeated shots of the same scene with different filters.  The photos turned out beautifully.

Even though my wife is not interested in photography, she enjoyed the wide expanse of scenery that we saw that day and totally enjoyed the experience as well.

You are a good teacher and a great photographer.  You were very patient and explained everything thoroughly.

Thank you for a terrific experience.

Dave and MaryAnn Stevens, Sun Lakes, AZ

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