Warren and Millie Woolsey, Gainesvile, FL
Butch Monroe,  Tampa, FL.
Matthew Hammon,  London, England
Bruce Genderson, Washington, DC

Dave & MaryAnn Stevens, Sun Lakes, AZZ

Ryan & Lori Sinclair

On a two week vacation trip to Colorado we hired photographer Jon Sheppard for one day.  The time we spent with Jon turned out to be the highlight of our entire trip. We visited abandoned silver mines, waterfalls in the woods, and got a real glimpse of the way things were in early Colorado. That was great.  When we started sharing pictures, with friends, we received comments like, Wow, these are great and you should think about becoming a professional. The points we had picked up from Jon in one day had changed our lives. We had captured the experience to share with others.

Butch Monroe,  Tampa, FL.

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