Warren and Millie Woolsey, Gainesvile, FL
Butch and Marilyn Monroe, Elmira, NY
Butch Monroe,  Tampa, FL.
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Ryan & Lori Sinclair

While visiting the Colorado High Country, My wife and I We had a chance to hire Jon for a photo safari trip. It was one of the best decisions we made. Because I learned so much from Jon in one day about taking better pictures, It made the rest of our vacation. We were able to take home, in pictures, some of the beautiful sites we experienced in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. When I showed my CD to friends they were in awe of the beautiful countryside, abandoned mines and ghost town. They actually couldd experience some of my excitement through the pictures I brought home. We enjoyed our day with Jon Not only for his help with our photos, but also for his knowledge of the area and stories he had to tell. We would be happy to recommend his photo safari trips and if you would like to contact us, please feel free using the information below.. thanks again Jon...........Butch and Marilyn Monroe

Butch and Marilyn Monroe , Elmira, NY

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