Fall Colors.  All across America there are beautiful fall colors.  It depends on where you are for the colors turning.  One thing the colors seem to go quickly so be on your toes for good timing.  Out here is a combination of elevation and latitude.  So the further North you travel the earlier the leaves turn. And at the same time I have found that the higher you are the quicker they turn too. So catch all that you see. Add a flowing stream, mountains, open meadow or old barn into the image.  If it’s a cloudy day look down for the image. Flat, gray skys don’t do a thing for me. Find aspen leaves on an old log, large rocks or just piled all over the ground.

Jon's Journal/ Photo Tips
Photo tip #1 Let’s get organized
Photo tip #2 Set up for the shot
Photo tip #3  Flowers are in full bloom
Photo tip #4 Photographing water
Photo tip #5 Fall Colors
Photo tip #6 -Winter


©2002 Jon Sheppard