The flowers are in full bloom.  Grab your camera and equipment and let’s go.  Start wide and move in closer using a wide angle lense, a normal lense, and a macro lense to help you chose the most unique shot. The following tips are for extreme close ups.

When using a macro lens the end of the lens can get extremely close the subject depending on the macro lense.This is when a very low positioning tripod is most helpful. Using manual focus seems to be a better way to get the right part of the subject properly focused. Focus

Jon's Journal/ Photo Tips
Photo tip #1 Let’s get organized
Photo tip #2 Set up for the shot
Photo tip #3  Flowers are in full bloom
Photo tip #4 Photographing water
Photo tip #5 Fall Colors
Photo tip #6 -Winter

on the closest part of the subject to the lens.  Then set the f stop to f22 or smallest aperture for a tack sharp image, or a wide open f stop for a defused, softer effect.

Extra hints:

When there is wind know that the higher the camera is from the subject a faster shutter speed can be tried to stop              movement.  With digital you can also up the ISO speed for a faster shutter speed. 
There is always a time when the wind briefly pauses.  That is the time to ‘click.’  
Use your hyper-focus.  
Back lit shots are beautiful.  Put the sun behind a flower, get close and shoot again.  
Use a fine spray bottle to add water drops to leaves and flower petals 
Again try both horizontal and vertical shots.
©2002 Jon Sheppard