We all love to get out and take gorgeous pictures of grand vistas and beautiful wildlife.  So after getting the pictures back from the photo lab they look, well kind of mediocre.  The elk looks more like a black ghost.  The scene of the mountains image is half over exposed or underexposed.  “Why don’t my pictures like what I see!  What am I doing wrong?”

Digital is now here and it is totally wonderful.  Please do much research on just what camera system 
to purchase.  Also talk to those in your area and consider what they are using and the list goes on and on.

Jon's Journal/ Photo Tips
Photo tip #1 Let’s get organized
Photo tip #2 Set up for the shot
Photo tip #3  Flowers are in full bloom
Photo tip #4 Photographing water
Photo tip #5 Fall Colors
Photo tip #6 -Winter
Welcome to the world of photography. Let’s get organized. 

Decide where you are going and what you would like to photograph;  scenic vistas, wildlife, people, sporting events, or whatever is in your heart.  

Research your areas. Is it a morning or afternoon/evening shot setting?

Ask the locals when looking for wildlife, special places of interest, scenic vistas.

Keep a list of all your equipment.  Keep a copy with you and one at home.  

Carry instruction booklets of your equipment are essential.  Keep an extra bag for nonessential items.

Bring lots of memory cards and extra batteries and make certain the cards are empty and your batteries are charged.

Keep all equipment in the same place all the time, also in your car.

Carry a notebook to record camera settings, time of day, weather, etc. while taking your shots.

Waterproof and dust proof covers and containers for all equipment.

If you are still using film always keep it protected. Cool in the warm months. In cold weather put into ziplock bags before bringing it indoors. Let it warm up to room temperature before removing. Store film in refrigerator or cooler on the road.

Keep all zippers closed. You don’t want equipment falling out of your bag.

Make sure tripod legs are locked. Loose tripod legs mean trouble.

Take care when carrying your camera on a tripod. Make certain that the camera is locked down tight and all safety locks are on.

Dress appropriately for the weather and prepare for the worst. Depending on the weather bring: Cell phone, map, sunscreen, bug repellent, hat, gloves, food, water, first aid kit, cold weather gear, tell a friend your itinerary and expected time back.

Suggested equipment list
- Carrying bag
- 18-70 zoom
- 70-300 zoom
- Circular Polarizer
- Sunset filter, warming filter Other filters
- Split Neutral Density Filters - Singh_Ray.com is my favorite source
- Close-up or Macro lens
- Cable release or use the self timer function
- Cleaning cloth and, or air can
- Tripod
- Flash unit Extension cord for flash
- Small flashlight
- Pen , pencil, notebook, and Sharpie
- 80-400 lens or similar

Now you are ready to begin your adventures in photography.

©2002 Jon Sheppard