Jon's Travel - Middle East - Dec 2007
(1.)The many shops in Old Jerusalem (5.)Local Merchant Selling Water
(2.)The Wailing Wall - Jeruslaem (6.)Petra (made famous from indian Jones)
(3.)Talking with Kids (7.)Typical desert ruins
(4.)City of Jerusalem from Mt. of the Olives (8.)Roman ruins.

This time I traveled through Kiev, Ukraine, then on  to Israel and Jordan. The Ukraine reminds me of the eastern midwest  with much farm lands similar to Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, and Kiev reminds me of Detroit in the 1930s. Israel reminds me of Southern California, very dry and parched and barren from the lack of rain. 
I traveled with a group and we traveled much of Israel, from Dan in the North down to the Dead Sea. The following images are just a sample of the hundreds I shot in just two weeks. 
Being with a group, my photography work was limited to the travels and time elements we had to work with. We were up at 6 am and on our way each day usually by 7 am, finishing each day by about seven in the evening. 
My most fun time was sharing with the Palestinian school kids and what all they are studying and what they want to do to help others as they grow up. 
Have a super Christmas and a grand 2008.
 Cheers,  jon



©2002 Jon Sheppard