Jon's Travel - Out of Africa
(1.) Mt. Kilimanjaro (11.) Lion cub - under the tire
(2.) Thompson's Gazelle (12.) Sunset with beautiful acacia tree
(3.) Desert Eagle (13.) A Masai village put on a special show
(4.) Monkey (14.) A Masai show
(5.) Water Buffalo (15.) A Masai village child
(6.) Ostrich (16.) Wildebeests
(7.) Elephant (17.) Scenic view of the African plains
(8.) Lions in the grass (18.) Impalas and Flamingoes
(9.) Lion close-up (19.) Flamingoes
10.) Lion cubs (20.) A Masai sunset on the Serengeti planes
Ifyou saw the movie "Out of Africa" I covered much of the scenic areas that were in the film.  My safari trips will cover those areas too.

©2002 Jon Sheppard