Jon's Travel
(1.)Yosemite - Half Dome (5.)Ghost town of Bodie, CA
(2.)Yosemite - View of the Valley (6.)More of Bodie
(3.)Yosemite - Climbers - El Capitan (7.)Nevada Joshua Trees
(4.)Yosemite - Mono Lake (8.)Nevada - Old Fence line

This is the historic ghost town of Bodie, CA.  It's regulated by the CA. State Park people and they are wonderful to work with.   It's a photographer's paradise as the park people keep the buildings
and interiors in historic mint condition. Bodie was a gold and silver boom in the 1880's.  I most ruff and wild place to live.  Killings and hangings were a common event.  One young girl was quoted to have
written in her diary:  "Good by God I am moving to Bodie.  I hope you will have the time to visit it sometime in the future.


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