Jon's Travel
(1.)Yosemite - Half Dome (5.)Ghost town of Bodie, CA
(2.)Yosemite - View of the Valley (6.)More of Bodie
(3.)Yosemite - Climbers - El Capitan (7.)Nevada Joshua Trees
(4.)Yosemite - Mono Lake (8.)Nevada - Old Fence line

With the smoke a problem I used a Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer filter and it made all the difference.

I found these four climbers doing El Capitan.  The last I heard it was a three day climb.  I used a 70-300 lens on a tripod.  The tighter I got on the climbers the less of the rock you could see so I did a
variety of frame sizes to capture it all.


©2002 Jon Sheppard